Tyre and the Deltalands
Arms of Del Mar
Realm within Empire
Capital Tyre
Largest City Tyre
Ruling Family N/A (Imperial Crown)

Del Mar Dynasty (formerly)

Ruler Title Imperial King
Government Imperial Republic
Legislature Imperial Hall
Founded 33 ND
Population ~5 million
Demonym Tyrians, Deltalanders
Culture Urbane
Religion Esperian Polytheism
Major Ethnic Group Námar
Other Ethnic Groups Seljuk, Latics
Main Economy Trade
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Assets Wealthy
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Bastard Name Wall
Kezan Family Green
Code IC

Tyre and the Deltalands is one of the constituent domains in the Námar Empire, comprising the Imperial Capital of Tyre and the surrounding lands in the Mana Delta. This land was previously home to various Seljuk Colonies as well as fishing villages, but was settled by the Námar following the Battle of King's Bay. The region has been continuously ruled over by the Imperial Crown, acting in the triad of roles as Emperor of Námar, Emperor-King of the Deltalands, and Emperor-King of Tyre. As the Del Mar Dynasty was destroyed in the Marianalia Coup, the ruling house has been in a hereditary rotating role. This region also originally included the territory now comprising the Valleylands, but that was ceded prior to the Marianalia Coup.

The Deltalands are home to a number of Imperial governmental bodies, but most prominently the Imperial Army headquartered in Tyre.

Cities in Tyre and the Deltalands Edit